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Our story is one of continuous evolution, driven by a passion to make it easy for everyone, everywhere to grow their own plants.

Dr. Caterina ALLERA, in her experience as a researcher in the field of soilless cultivation at CREA (Italian Council for Research in Agriculture), has explored various cultivation techniques in natural and artificial substrates which are of great interest due to their greater productivity compared to traditional cultivations on the soil.

The result of her research led her to consider that the complexity of using these cultivation systems is essentially due to the interaction between the cultivation substrate and the nutrient solution supplied to the plants.

The currently used substrates retain the water and mineral salts by absorbing it within their porous matrix. This creates a risk of substrate salinization, making the control of nutrient availability extremely complex. In addition, the moisture retained inside the porous matrix favors the conditions for the formation of fungal diseases that involve the use of sterilization plants.

From these considerations was born the idea behind MEAPLANT innovation, that of imagining a cultivation substrate capable of retaining droplets of nutrient solution without absorbing them inside and thus eliminating the complexity of the soilless cultivation techniques in substrate, currently used .

How can we create a substrate that can retain water without absorbing it? The inspiration of the droplets of water suspended after the rain on nature’s elements provided the solution: So was born the new substrate of MEAPLANT Innovation.


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The complexity of Nature in simplicity of MEAPLANT  CULTIVATION SYSTEM

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The drops of water, supplied by an irrigation system, are suspended on a lattice of threads forming our innovative cultivation substrate, as you can look on a spider’web after the rain. The drops are completely available for the plant’ roots without accumulation of mineral salts inside the substrate.

MEAPLANT INNOVATION is the only system that allows you to cultivate a real vegetable garden for everyone, everywhere, due to its simplicity of use: it is only necessary to periodically add water and mineral salts into the tank and turn on the irrigation timer,  without  any particular checks and wait for the plant growth. MEAPLANT can also be an important solution to guarantee food safety in arid areas, with water scarcity and also in large metropolises due to their vulnerability in case of emergency.

Many phenomena in Nature involve trapped drops of water: the formation of dew drops on a spider’s web, the capture of drops of water on the spines of cacti or the movement of droplets on plant fibres. These phenomena have been studied and explored for various technological applications: from microfluidics for medical and electronic equipment, to harvest nets of the water drops from fog in the desert areas. MEAPLANT’s innovation for the first time in history has applied these physical principles to make soilless cultivation simple, efficient and suitable for everyone.

Our cultivation substrate is made up of a mesh of threads made with materials for food use which are hydrophobic and chemically inert. The drops of water and mineral salts, supplied by an irrigation system, remain suspended on the threads due to the balance that it is established between the surface tension of the drops and their weight.

the videos below show how the drops supplied by an irrigation system are captured by a mesh of interwoven threads as happens in our growing substrate. When the drops increase in mass and become greater than the surface tension resistance force, they precipitate inside the tank.

Simulation Acknowledgements

Simulation result courtesy of Flow Science, Inc., developer of the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software

Flow Science is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA – Inc. 683 Harkle Road.



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